• Initial meeting (or diagnostic assessment) - $250

  • Psychotherapy (individual or family) - $185 (50-55 minute session)

  • Parent-only sessions (can be telehealth) - $120 (15-40 minute session)

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluation - $750 (three 50-55 minute sessions plus online and standardized clinical assessments - does not include neuropsychological testing)

  • Workshops and groups - fee varies

I am currently self-pay only and unable to submit any claims to insurance.

I have a sliding fee scale available for those who need it.

You can use FSA and HSA accounts to pay for therapy.

I can provide you with invoices if you wish to submit them to your insurance company for out-of-network benefits, but I will not be able to assist with that process. Make sure you contact your insurance company directly to inquire about your out-of-network benefits and whether they would consider my services as falling under those benefits. (There are some insurance companies/plans for whom work with me is considered a "non-covered service," which would not be eligible for out-of-network benefits.)