Compassionate Help and Support for Kids and Families

Eagan, MN based psychotherapy that builds on existing strengths to increase the possibility that children and families can live easier, better, more fulfilled lives.



Dr. Kai

Note: I have limited openings for children under 10 right now. I have a short waitlist for kids ages 10-12, and I am not currently taking clients over 12 years old.

I work with children 18 months to 18 years old, and I also do work with families of children under 18 months old who have medical or developmental concerns. I love working with transgender or gender expansive children and LGBTQ+ families, and I also enjoy supporting children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), developmental delays or disabilities, histories of trauma (including medical trauma), and other emotional/behavioral challenges. I value caregivers as experts on their families. I partner with caregivers to make a plan that will benefit the whole family, using a strengths-based approach in which what already works is a foundation for further growth and development.


Reach out to me today so that we can schedule a brief phone consultation to get started.

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These assessments allow us to understand what is going well in kid's lives and where they are struggling. This helps open the doors to services and supports and points toward what interventions might help the most. 

Dr. Kai has specialized training in doing assessments for children under 5 years old and in evaluating autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in kids of all ages.

Individual therapy for kids is based in three main foundations: SMART (sensorimotor arousal regulation training), narrative therapy, and solution-focused therapy. This lets us pay attention to kids' needs to manage their feelings and emotions; stories they tell about themselves, the past, and the future; and the behaviors that keep kids stuck or can help them get unstuck. 

Family-oriented therapy includes a positive approach to help families identify their values and strengths and to build on them, viewing parents as the experts on their own children and families. It includes actionable strategies families can use right away to improve their lives.